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Blood sugar will be completely under control in diabetes patients, drink these 7 things, there will be many more benefits

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Many times it happens with all of us that suddenly we drink cola or any other soft drink when the throat is dry, but if you are suffering from diabetes then this mistake can cost you heavily.

People in India are suffering from diabetes on a large scale and this number is increasing continuously. Along with treatment in the disease of diabetes, it is very important to take care of the right diet and lifestyle. If you have this disease, then it means that whatever you eat and drink, what will be the effect on your body, you should be fully aware of it. Not only this, you also have to take care of the amount of carbohydrates in your diet as it directly affects your blood sugar level.

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) recommends diabetics to consume zero-calorie or low-calorie beverages to keep blood sugar levels under control. Many times it happens with all of us that suddenly we drink cola or any other soft drink when the throat is dry, but if you are suffering from diabetes then this mistake can cost you heavily. People with this disease should not drink any soft drink containing sugar. If your throat is dry and you do not feel like drinking water, then you can drink lemonade without sugar and it will be a great option for you.

We will tell you that if you or someone around you is suffering from diabetes, then what kind of beverages they can consume.

1- water

Water is the best option for diabetic patients when it comes to hydrating the body. This is because it will not raise your blood sugar level. High blood sugar can lead to dehydration.

Drinking enough water removes excess glucose from your body through urine. The ADA recommends that an adult male should drink at least 13 glasses (three litres) a day and women about nine glasses (two litres). If you cannot drink plain water again and again, then you can add things like lemon, orange pieces, basil, mint to it. This will change the taste of the water and you will also get many vitamins.

adding slices of lemon, lime, or

2-Soda Water

Seltzer water is a kind of soda water. It is also called sparkling water which does not contain any additives. This is a great alternative to sugary soda drinks. Unlike plain water, seltzer water does not contain calories, carbs and sugar. This is a great way to stay hydrated and maintain a healthy blood sugar level in the body.

3.Green Tea

It has been proved in many research that green tea has a good effect on your health. Daily consumption of green tea reduces the chances of people getting surrounded by type 2 diabetes. However more research is needed on this. Along with green tea, you can also drink black, white or other herbal teas.

Apart from this, people suffering from diabetes can also drink herbal teas like chamomile, hibiscus, ginger and peppermint. These are a great alternative to milk and sugar tea.

4. Sugarless Coffee

According to a 2019 study, coffee helps reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by improving the metabolism of sugar. Like tea, it should be without sugar. If you add milk, cream or sugar to coffee, it increases the number of calories in it, due to which your blood sugar level can be out of control.

5. Vegetable Juice

Almost 100% of fruit juices found around the world contain 100% sugar, so if you drink tomato or any other vegetable juice, it will not only keep your blood sugar under control but also your health in many ways. will benefit from. You can prepare a healthy drink by mixing cucumber juice, a handful of berries and carom seeds in the juice of different types of green leafy vegetables, which will give you many vitamins and minerals.

6. Low Fat Milk

Milk contains essential vitamins and minerals for the body, but it also increases carbohydrates in your body. Diabetic patients should always drink milk sweetened with sugar. Along with this, it should be low fat. You can also use skimmed milk.

7. Try Milk Alternatives Also

You can also use almond, oat, rice, soy or coconut milk instead of milk. They are dairy free and low in carbs. They also provide the body with important nutrients like calcium and vitamin D, which are essential for bone health.


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